Monday, September 22, 2008

Follow my blog!

Goodmorning everyone!

I've decided to add the 'Follow this blog' gadget to my sidebar. I really like this tool and have a few blogs that I like to check out every other day. For those of you who aren't familiar with it - once you become a follower (or stalker!) then new updates of your favourite blogs show up on your dashboard! So if you're interested in following my blog you can find the link on the sidebar!

And...for all those Sugar Nellie fans. Check out the new free forum that Sugar Nellie is hosting to celebrate their anniversary this year:



Michelle said...

You're brave Heather! I'm afraid I wouldn't have ANY followers! LOL! I love your blog and your cards are FANTASTIC! There, that's what I think of your cards! LOL! Hey, you asked! LOL! Seriously I like how you take time to make them perfect! Keep up the great work!

alohatammi said...

Thanks for explaining a bit about it. I've seen it on sites and sisn't know you could subscribe to it.
Happy Hulaween